“Iowa. It’s cooler than you think.”

The Generation Iowa Commission, with help from the Iowa Department of Economic Development, has launched a website designed –among other things– "to keep young people from leaving the state."

will eventually include written material, photos and videos submitted by young Iowans.  "We really wanted to make it a user generated content site. We want young folks across Iowa to send their stories, their photos, their videos…and really make it their own website," Rolland said. "We don’t want it to just be a state marketing website." [More on the story at RadioIowa.com]

One of the stories on the site ("High Life, Low Price") describes the advantages of living in Iowa compared to Manhattan. Amanda Brend cautions:

"Don’t let the bright lights of New York City blind you — the city is fabulous when you have a New York City-size paycheck. Here’s the download on my life as a New York City intern versus my current gig as a Des Moines entrepreneur."

"Here’s the download?" "My current gig?" Hmmm. I smell older person trying to write hip.

But wait. One of the comments displayed on the home page reads:

"Hi, This is Amanda Brend from Indianola. While I would like to take credit for such a well written article, I can’t, because I did not write this. I have never lived in NYC. I’m not sure why my name is posted on here, but I did not write this. I am, however, a huge advocate for Iowa and maybe someday I’ll be able to post MY story. Amanda"


Here’s a screen shot of the home page and the story in question.

I like Iowa. But if you want to keep young people from leaving, you’re gonna need razor wire. Lots and lots of razor wire.

2 thoughts on ““Iowa. It’s cooler than you think.”

  1. This turned out to be a technology error. My name was inadvertently attached and if you visit the site now, the appropriate author is attached. Your comments on needing razor wire to keep people here in Iowa is so far from the truth. This is an amazing State and I would suggest not knocking it until you try it. By the age of 24 I was making six figures, had incredible career opportunities, owned a beautiful home and had more than I could have ever imagined. Now, 10 years later…add 3 acres of land, a bigger home and the best education system for my two children. Oh, and we have plenty of fun here too. I help young professionals find career opportunities here regularly and I would love to do the same for you. Please let me know if you are interested.
    Best Regards,
    Amanda Brend

  2. Yeah, I think they meant “down low,” or sometimes shortened to “DL.” “Gig” however, is a pretty common term for freelancers and entertainment types…

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