Has Barack stepped on his Obama?

HRC lashed out at Barack Obama today for using a strategy out of “Karl Rove’s playbook” by making speeches of hope while sending Ohioans what she called “false and discredited mailings” on health care and trade policy.

There’s a good analysis at FactCheck.org which concludes the direct mail piece "… lacks a good amount of context and could mislead those who are not familiar with Clinton’s plan." The mailer also includes a quote from The Daily Iowan:

“forcing those who cannot afford health insurance to buy it through mandates … punishing those who don’t fall in line with fines.”

Again from FactCheck.org: "Obama doesn’t tell readers that this is a college newspaper written and edited by University of Iowa students. That’s not to say it’s wrong, but a student newspaper carries less authority than a professionally written and edited major U.S. daily."

That’s chicken shit BO, not at all what your supporters expect from you. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt on this one. Maybe you didn’t see this flier before it went out, but that’s no excuse. Just give us the facts and we’ll decide who has the better plan.