“Everyone in the world wants to watch you die.”

I went to see Untraceable this afternoon. FBI agents (played by Diane Lane and Colin Hanks) are trying to find a bad guy who streams live video of his torture victims. The more people that log on to watch, the faster they die.

I wanted to see this movie because I heard an interview on NPR, featuring a computer security expert who said this is the first film he’s seen where the computer stuff wasn’t laughable. I looked for the interview but couldn’t find it.

I’m no kind of expert on web tech, but I know enough about computers to laugh along. I didn’t see any gaffs that really jumped out at me. I’m not saying they weren’t there but you gotta know more about the net and tech than I do to have spotted them.

As for the story… I enjoyed it. I liked the absence of super stars. The bad guys seemed… believable. You might want to wait and Netflix this movie but I think web-heads will enjoy it.

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