Enough with the politics already

Hey, nobody is more surprised than I by my political awakening. My fear simply overcame my cynicism. But hang on, it’s almost over and I see four possible outcomes:

  1. Hillary gets the nomination and wins the White House. We’ve already seen what a Clinton administration looks like.
  2. McClain wins in November and gives us four more years of Bush.
  3. Obama gets the nomination and wins in November (long shot). But turns out to be like every other politician to plop his ass down in the Oval Office.
  4. Obama gets the nomination, wins in November and delivers on some of his promise of change. (Long, long shot)

If any of the first three occurs, I’m done. We missed our chance. Maybe the last one for good long while. If #4 comes in… I’ll rent Mr. Smith Goes to Washington and Dave and then shut the fuck up.