YouTube Voter Video

I should have guessed the Google/YouTube guys would be all over the Iowa Caucuses. They’ve hooked up with The Des Moines Register, arguably the most powerful media outlet in Iowa, to create a YouTube channel:

“Document your caucus experience from start to finish. We want to show the nation what the caucuses are like, so bring your video camera along with you and give an on-the-ground view of your local caucuses. You can also add your own commentary or interviews with people just after the caucuses, offering their reflections on what took place.”

I had to believe bloggers and podcasters and YouTube’ers would be all over this event but wasn’t sure if cameras would be allowed. They are.

“Of course – these are our caucuses, and this a great opportunity to show the nation what they’re like. Just be sure to be respectful of other caucus-goers and to make sure that your video footage is not a distraction to what’s taking place.”

And Google Maps is doing something special. but I’m not sure exactly what or where to find it. I’ll update this post. If I had to guess it would be a map with all the caucus precincts, updated throughout the evening.

As I watched a couple of the videos, I was reminded of something I used to hear/say back during the early days of the net. Nobody will watch all of these. Somebody will watch each of these.

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