Unhappy Camper

Fbl_motorhomeOur offices are just a couple of hundred feet from the headquarters of the Missouri Farm Bureau. As I headed out for lunch I noticed a motor home had pulled off the highway, just in front of FB building. I didn’t have my camera (I know, I know) so I didn’t get a shot but found this on the FarmBureauLies.com website.

This guy is not a happy camper. And I have no idea who is right in his dispute with Farm Bureau.

I’m just wondering how many people got back to their offices and did what I did… pulled up the website. And if you’re Farm Bureau (or any big company), what –if anything– is the proper response. I’m sure the lawyers would tell them they can’t say anything about a matter that’s being litigated.

As disgruntled customers take their grievances online, it would make sense for big companies (and small ones) to have a online strategy of their own (I looked for a FB blog but didn’t find one). Seems to me companies have to find some way to engage with their customers in this space.

If the sign on the camper read “Learfield Sucks” and was parked in front of our building, what would we do? If Clyde Lear had his way, he’d probably go and talk to the guy. Maybe record an interview with the guy, let him tell his story. And then post all or part of that on the company blog.

Would the guy be any less pissed? Who knows. Would we look more responsive or concerned as a company? To some.

3 thoughts on “Unhappy Camper

  1. I screwed up. I posted the email address of an anonymous commenter. I failed to notice that Typepad requires and email address to comment and makes a statement that it will not be published. I erred in doing so and have removed the comment.
    I still have a problem with people that don’t have the courage of their convictions. If you are not willing to put your name one your opinions, keep them to yourself.
    And for future reference, anyone commenting on MY blog is subject to being outed. If you don’t like that, don’t comment. Or don’t visit for that matter.

  2. I am the person who owns and operates the Farm Bureaumobiles around the country. I have three of them. A boat, I plan to cruise down the Missouri, and Mississippi rivers to New Orleans later this year. A mini-van, and the motor home. Yes, I’m a disgruntled Farm Bureau member because my house burned and they paid me $125,000.00 of a 299,000.00 claim. Thats a long story in itself, which is detailed out on my website. On my last visit to the Farm Bureau headquarters in Jefferson City, Mo. on 10/11/2007 they had me arrested for disturbing the peace. I did not disturb anyones peace as is proved out by the prosecutor not filing charges, and the judge returning my bond and instructing me not to return to court. The next thing they did was bar me from attending the Farm Bureau annual meeting with a written threat to have me arrested again, this time for trespassing, if I set foot on their property. They still accept my $30.00 annual membership dues. I have done everything in my power to get Farm Bureau to communicate with me to no avail. In February of 2007 Farm Bureau filed a petition for a restraining order against me to make me remove my website from the internet, and to not allow me to put up a billboard along Inter-state 70 where the fire occured. The Judge said I could keep my website, just don’t slander or lie about anyone on it. He also let me put up the billboard. Thats when I decided to use Farm Bureaumobiles to further advertize my website. Thanks for your interest, Lucky Gash

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