3 thoughts on “Play Heart and Soul!

  1. And who is it we have to thank for the atrophy of popular culture into the state we find it in today? It seems an artist and her work only has value to the degree that she can be exploited as a tentpole for sales figures.
    Thirty plus years ago, the people who had the tools and relationships to write, record, produce, and distribute music were probably more interested in artistic merit because that world was still full of smaller equals competing with each other. Look at web 2.0 companies and compare them to independent record labels from 1970. I expect you’d see a lot of the same motivations to try new things and take a few risks.
    Today’s mainstream popular culture is consolidated and corporatized from that vision. It is risk-averse and formula-driven. It wants to be sure that the products (e.g. “art”) they field in the marketplace will produce predictable figures. Truth and beauty are secondary concerns, and as long as the idol and her sparkly packaging pushes the proper buttons on their model of the average consumer’s likes and dislikes, it doesn’t matter whether it’s good music or not.
    So, is there good music in the modern era? Yes, but you have to turn over some rocks to find it, and it ain’t on the radio, in Sam Goody, or on the Television.

  2. Beautiful.
    Why 30-year-old rock? From the audience reaction, I think they may have been expecting a “classic” – although perhaps Bach would have satisfied them more.

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