Nokia Internet Radio service

Mark Ramsey (Hear 2.0) asks how long before mobile phones in the U.S. look like this Nokia phone available in Europe. As I watched the video demo, I imagined listening to a Missouri Tiger “broadcast.” Or an all-news channel from one of our state networks. Ramsey’s headline says it all.

One thought on “Nokia Internet Radio service

  1. I posted a comment to Mark’s weblog criticizing him for not being sufficiently nurturing to a very interesting and useful emerging technology. Apparently if it’s not burned into the ROMs of your phone when it comes out of the blister pack, it doesn’t exist to him.
    I downloaded and installed the software on my N95 in 5 minutes, it worked great, and I found an online radio station that works out of offices across the street from me. It was easy, and there’s no need to imagine using this in the future, you could stream the LCI news networks on this right now, today, this afternoon.

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