Chainsaw attack at homeless shelter

“A man with a chainsaw attacked four people at KNLJ Channel 25 Saturday, leaving two critically injured. Police say twenty-eight year old Matthew Watkins is originally from the St. Louis area and authorities say he’s been staying at the homeless shelter that sits on the grounds of the T.V. station for the past couple weeks.

When deputies arrived on the scene just after two o’clock p.m.Saturday they found the suspect wielding a chainsaw.  Deputies then arrested the suspect at gunpoint.”

I only mention it because it happened just up the road in New Bloomfield. (For the record, I didn’t write the last sentence in the first ‘graph.)

Update: “One of our staff members apparently had a mental breakdown – I guess you could say he went ballistic,” Tom Branham, an employee, tells the Fulton Sun. “First he was running around poking people – he poked a guy in the neck with, I think, a pencil – then he came after people with a chainsaw.” [USA Today]

One thought on “Chainsaw attack at homeless shelter

  1. This is why the CCW (Concealed Carry Weapon) is a great law.
    From a Police Officer.

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