Amazing nail juggle with hammer

If this is faked, please let me know how it was done. [Bouncing the nail on the hammer is real. Whacking it in the the wall is sfx. See comment below by Scot Nery, the guy in the video] At the end of the short clip [VIDEO], it appears the guy (a street performer from Seattle?) Scot swings and hits the nail –in mid-air– driving in to something across the room. Did it take 30 takes to get this… or did he –wait for it, wait for it– nail it the first time? I spotted this on an HGTV promo and he did a couple of other tricks. It would appear they hired him. Smart.  [Scot’s YouTube page]

3 thoughts on “Amazing nail juggle with hammer

  1. Ha, I turned your blog into a dating site.
    Or… maybe she’s just showing-off the fact she doesn’t have strict cracker eating rules.
    Or… she has a weird religion where the spilled blood of caucasians will somehow charm her bed and improve her sleep.
    I can never figure out internet people.

  2. I love your commercial for DIY nailed at nine. It is the best commercial on television, not to mention you are very nice looking. This makes it only that much easier to watch. They do need to play that commercial much more! Oh you can eat crackers in my bed any time.

  3. here’s a permanent location for that video:
    It’s me. We shot a bunch of tricks with real stuff and most of the nail stuff is done with effects. After the shoot, they asked me to try bouncing and balancing the nail for real, and I could do it pretty well. It would be impossible to pound a nail in from across the room because the nail is light and it would be hard to get the flipping right.

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