WiFi detecting T shirt

I fear it’s a bit late for this holiday season, but this WiFi detecting T shirt would make a great gift for that geek on your list. Not only finds WiFi signals, but displays the strength.

Runs about $30 and you can remove the electronics for washing, although that wouldn’t be much of a problem for the people on my list.

Spotted this at Keith Povall’s Sturdy Soapbox.

2 thoughts on “WiFi detecting T shirt

  1. Traveling back from Great Bend tonight I noticed another Inter-state highway rest-stop on I-35 advertising wireless internet. Is Kansas ahead of the curve in the www world?

  2. Unbelievable.
    Traveling to Great Bend, Kansas tonight I noticed a rest-stop on I-70 advertising Wireless internet. I wonder if that’s becoming standard for major rest-stops?

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