Life before blogging

As I (try to) agonize about not blogging, I’ve struggled to recall what I did before I started keeping this journal. I really don’t remember. I was farting around with computers and BBS’s and CompuServe and such but that couldn’t have filled the time. What was I doing?

I think I spent more time at work in those days. I was on the road a lot and that took up lots of time.

The flip side of the question, of course, is how would I fill the time if I stopped blogging? TV? While I don’t actually watch many programs, I find I can achieve an alpha-state by surfing through all of the channels 8 or 9 times.

I still like to read and can grind away endless hours with a good book. Could I fill all the time? Perhaps. It’s a rhetorical question since I don’t really expect to stop blogging. But with any hobby, one can always lose interest.

No, the thought of dark and abandoned is too depressing. It would haunt me. I’ll cobble together a bullshit post like this from time to time until my mojo returns.

One thought on “Life before blogging

  1. For purely selfish reasons, it’s a good thing that you are suffering from cranial compression syndrome because I haven’t been able to stop by regularly. Life seems busier lately. I’m going to get caught up tonight.
    PS. I just got caught up on the “History of Learfield” series. How amazing. Let me know when the book is in print.

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