Long live King Bob!

Kingbob200Friend and co-worker Bob Feldisch has been with our company about a year longer than I. He’s taking on new duties and the post on our corporate blog is note-worthy.

When King Bob started with Learfield:

  • Ronald Reagan was President
  • Lee Iacocca was pitching K-Cars
  • “The Terminator” was released
  • Michael Jackson’s hair caught on fire while filming a Pepsi commercial
  • Apple released the very first Macintosh

Since that time:

  • King Bob has logged about one million frequent flyer miles serving his clients
  • He’s driven over half a million miles across Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Illinois and Oklahoma
  • He has generated nearly 30 million dollars in sales for the company

This makes a great blog post but you probably wouldn’t see this much imagination and fun in a corporate, inter-office news release. I love the fact that the blog was was the first and –as far as I know– only place this news was posted.

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