Turning laptops into puppy chow

Thinkpad200Henry has been kind enough to sell my IBM Thinkpad on eBay. Proceeds will be donated to the local Humane Society. This baby is in mint condition but you just don’t get much for a 3 year old (?) laptop. I paid $3K for the thing and the bidding is at $50.

I’m told that’s likely to jump up near the end of the bidding period (Oct 14) but I shouldn’t count on it. So, if the thing is gonna go for peanuts, I’d rather it go to someone I know. Might be a good box for student or your grandma. Built like tank. I’m only selling it because Henry nagged me into it : ].

3 thoughts on “Turning laptops into puppy chow

  1. Don’t worry Steve it’ll go up in the last few hours. But if not at least the puppies and kitties will get some good food!
    I owned an eBay consignment store for about a year.
    I just sold a Direct TV tivo and it went from $25 to $56 in the last 2 hours.
    As far as donating it to a kid. I don’t know how you could find a kid to donate to. Perhaps ask a technology teacher at the local high school and see if he knows someone who is deserving. (You could always buy your own laptop on eBay!)

  2. A hundred bucks for a $3,000 laptop? (sigh) It might jump up in the final hours but this is the LAST time I sell something on eBay. Sorry, but I’m not wired properly for that venue.
    What I REALLY wanted to do with that computer was to find some deserving student (high school or younger) and gift it. Somewhere there’s a bring young man or woman who could do some cool things with this tool. I just don’t know how to find them.

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