Transaction declared null and void

A week ago I mentioned that I was selling my Thinkpad (IBM laptop) on eBay. Actually, my pal Henry was kind enough to list it on his eBay account. He told me not to expect much for a 3 year old laptop, so we were all surprised when the high bid topped out at $809! Too good to be true? Yes, it was.

This morning eBay posted a notice that said the transaction was null and void. Not sure why. I didn’t read it closely and Henry says he’s never seen that happen before.

Henry (a deacon in the First Church of eBay) wanted to re-list the laptop but I’ve decided to go a different direction.

After listing the computer on eBay, I discovered that a few people at work were interested in buying it (if the price were right). So, I’ve decided to hold a "silent auction." I’m going to post a photo and specs on the bulletin board at work and invite anyone that’s interested to submit a sealed bid. On Friday, I’ll open the bids and the computer goes to the highest bidder. Done.

One thought on “Transaction declared null and void

  1. Well that stinks Steve.
    Did you have the original copy of Windows XP on the machine? I know Microsoft is very picky about selling their OS on eBay. I had a copy of windows 2000 that I wanted to get rid of and they took the auction down.
    Good luck selling it at work. I think it’s great that you’re giving the money to help animals!

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