Saying goodbye to Outlook

Back in the late 80’s I discovered a little computer application called ACT. It was a DOS app at the time. A year or so later, I purchased the first Windows version while at Comdex. I used ACT for everything for several years. As our company migrated to MS Office, I moved over to Outlook and have been there ever since.

Dwm20050412Over the last week I’ve been moving my digital life from Outlook to the Mac. XP is running great on the iMac, so there was no reason I had to switch but I’ve grown fond of iCal, Mail, Address Book and the other OSX tools.

Don’t get me wrong, Outlooks is a great program. And powerful. But it just feels… cramped and busy to me now. So, I’m spending even less time on Windows at work. I jump over to use Internet Explorer from time to time but that’s about it.

It might just be the result of packing up and cleaning house, but for the first time in years, I  have an empty in-box. Stuff comes in, I deal with and zap it. Very liberating.

Speaking of things Apple, while in St. Louis yesterday, Barb stopped by the Apple store and did a little window shopping. She’s still on board for a MacBook. Stay tuned.

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