Online Block Party

Just had a nice chat with Brad Olsen and Amy Laughlin. They’re involved with They’ve got a really nice looking site, packed with ideas, mostly of a “spiritual” nature. They’re ready to move on to “phase two,” in terms of what they’re doing online and wanted my thoughts on blogging. I talked until their eyes glazed (Amy was on speaker phone, so her head was probably on her desk) over.

The point of this post is to illustrate how well blogs do in terms of Google search results ranking. I predicted this post would –within a week– show up on the first page of results of a Google search on “RevolWorks.”

This is happening hundreds (thousands?) of times a day. Companies and organizations jumping into the online conversational pool. looks great and the information found there is rich and deep. It’s like walking into a beautiful, well-furnished home… but you can’t find the people who live there. You can tell they’ve been there… but they don’t seem to be home a the moment.

A good blog would be like throwing a party on the front lawn.