My first three-way

Ichat_conf2Been doing more and more iChatting since getting the MacBook. Starting to take it for granted. Today we did our first three-way chat, just to see a) if we could and b) how it works. [a: yes, b: easy]

David works from his home in Springfield, MO. Roger’s office is on the other side of our building. I selected both of them in my “buddies list” and hit the video button. As they accepted the invite, they showed up in facing windows on my desktop. And that’s it. We chatted for a few minutes, marveling at how falling-off-a-log simple it was.

I mean, this is how shit is supposed to work, folks. I remember oohing about this to one of our IT folks last year, who responded: “You can video conference on the PC, too. You just have to get the ports configured correctly.”

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