Former Bush staffers consider their legacy

My favorite pull from a story by Peter Baker at

“(Rove) does not want to be identified solely by his ties to the president. He knows he will go down in history as Bush’s “architect,” but he thinks he can expand his identity beyond just that. “It’s not like my life from here forward is going to be defined by it,” he said. “I have a chance to create something else. I’m not just going to be typecast as, ‘Oh, that’s the Bush guy.’ “

We’ll see. I’d love to see someone put together a website that keeps up with all of the people most responsible for the last seven years. Maybe a big map of the world with a little red dot representing each of the players. Just showing where they are now, and what’ they’re doing. They played a major role in creating the world in which we live. I’d just like to know where they live and what they’re up to. Sort of a Marauder’s Map.

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