Blogs: energy, immediacy, humanity

Prospective clients almost always get around to the question: "Why is a blog better than my (traditional) website?" It’s difficult to answer without using words like: boring, stagnant, lifeless, etc.

But even a well-designed site, packed with information, rarely has the energy, immediacy and humanity of the average blog. Today I was presented with a great illustration of this quality.

One of our sports producers pulled a short (90 sec) sound bite from one of the coaches shows we produce, and sent it on to Clyde for the corporate blog. (I’ll wait while you take a listen)

That post says a lot about our company. Who we are, what we value. Where would you put something like that on a conventional website? But it fits perfectly in the contest of the blog Clyde has created.

One thought on “Blogs: energy, immediacy, humanity

  1. I’ve played that coaches comment to several and it touches everyone.. Sound bites DO have an amazing ability to trigger emotions. clyde

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