Text Messaging Championships

Last December I introduced you to Tyne Morgan, our intern with the amazing touch-texting skills. Now that we have an entire generation of Tynes, it’s only logical there would be a Text Messaging Championship:

“When cued, Participants will place their handsets on a marking on a counter-top area. All handsets will need to be closed. Participants will need to stand with their hands behind their back. The Referee will begin the round by counting down from 3, 2, 1 and announce “Go!” When the Referee says, “Go,” participants will then open their handsets and transcribe the phrase verbatim – no abbreviations, no typos – and send it to the designated referee’s phone.”

“Pivot!! Pivot links Time Warner Cable services u enjoy @ home to ur Sprint wireless phone. w/Pivot home is where ur phone is!”

Some nice prizes, too. [Thanks, Scott]

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