Surviving Las Vegas

Fake waterfalls, fake grass, fake tits. Las Vegas is city of illusions. If Branson is Las Vegas for people who don’t haved teeth… Las Vegas is Branson for people who do. In fairness, Las Vegas is for people who like to gamble and shop. I don’t care for either.

Nice wedding on Friday and a great show on Saturday. Cirque DuSoleil’s "O" is amazing. Beyond description. The O Theater (The Mirage) seats 1,809 and the show has been sold out every night (2 shows) for years. Tickets range from $85-150. Let’s call ’em $100, or $180,000 per show…$360,000 a night. And the show is probably a loss leader to get folks into the casino.

Took some pix and video and will share those when time allows.

Now I’m about to check email for first time since Thursday. This won’t be pretty.

But these days it seems
Nowhere is far enough away
So I’m leaving Las Vegas today

One thought on “Surviving Las Vegas

  1. “Branson is Las Vegas if Ned Flanders ran it,” Homer Simpson
    My wife and I went to Vegas for our honeymoon and I must say that I was more impressed with Fremont Street than the strip. Did you get a chance to check out the light show on Fremont Street?

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