A woman/man/boy takes my picture at a crowded sidewalk cafe. I object and the woman/man/boy runs away. I give chase. The mysterious photographer dashes in front of a bus and is killed instantly. I look down and see the camera at my feet. I pick it up and walk away. A couple of blocks away I go into a bar and turn on the camera, looking for a clue to the identity of the photographer. There are just 12 images on the camera, the last one being the one just taken of me. The story unfolds as I attempt to unravel the mystery, searching for clues in the twelve photos.

To put some meat on the bones of this story, I really should come up with interesting photos. For example, let’s say one of them is crash scene of Princess Di (time stamped 5 seconds after the crash, before anyone else arrived).

And maybe one is a shot of Lee Harvey Oswald posing by the window in the book depository. (A digital image before there were digital cameras?)

If we want to take a spooky tack, the first image could be the crushed body of the photographer under the bus.

You get the idea. Would this make a better TV series than feature? You could post the images online and invite fans to help solve the mystery. Hmmm.

Comments/ideas are encouraged. And if this has already been done, please let me know.

One thought on “Snapshots

  1. I would watch it.
    Of course I also loved Scott Bakula in Quantum Leap.
    You know back when using a “PDA” was considered “Science Fiction”
    For that matter, “Voyagers” was also a good show, same premise, sort of.
    your idea sounds like an excellent idea. It could take “Lost” one step further, by actually involving the viewer.

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