Key to efficient blogging

Pick3This post at E-Meida Tidbits is aimed at journalists who worry about the additional time it takes to blog. But I think this is good advice for any blogger.

“…the key to blogging efficiently is this: DO NOT treat it like writing an article. That is, make blogging part of your ongoing processes for research, notetaking, and communication.

A blog post is not (or at least, it shouldn’t be) a writing assignment you must prep for and deliver as a finished package. Let go of the idea that you must have everything nailed down, organized, and edited before you publish.”

I’ve been stressing (just a little) about my light posting of late and had this idea for a T-shirt.

3 thoughts on “Key to efficient blogging

  1. Ah, remember Joe Newman talking about Shakespeare? How he wrote those plays “…never blotting a line.”? That must not be you, huh?
    Well, that IS the way I write… I can backspace so I don’t have to blot.

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