iMac Update

I’ve done my share of gushing about the MacBook Pro and, more recently, the beautiful new iMac. So it’s only fair I share some of the rough spots I’ve encountered the last few days.

Firefox is crashing like crazy on OSX. Almost unusable. Same for Photoshop. Not sure what’s happening but look forward to getting it sorted out.

Phil has me set up with XP running on VMware and I’m suffering from mild schizophrenia, trying to move back and forth from Windows (for Outlook, mostly) and OSX. I finally just closed the win version of Outlook and started getting email via the Exchange server (when I could keep Firefox running).

I’m sure I’ll get the hang of this but trying to live in both worlds is challenging. Once we get the crashes under control (I know, I know)… I plan to spend as much time in Mac Land as possible and I’m hoping that makes things easier.

But I’m in for the duration. My experience on the MacBook Pro has been delightful and I’d like to have that warm glow at work, too. That’s gonna take some fiddling and some mental adjustment on my part.

2 thoughts on “iMac Update

  1. Steve,
    You know I have low vision which makes using a laptop difficult. However I have a strange goal to own a Macbook Pro 17″ laptop, just so I can sit at my local coffee shop and surf the web and enjoy the “mac experience”. I have never desired to own a G5 or an iMac, but that Macbook Pro just seems like the right fit. I have heard from a lot of other people including Kevin Rose, who would do away with their desktop and use their Mac laptop as their sole computer.

  2. Steve, I work on a MacPro and I’ve found Firefox to be dodgy on my system. Every new version seems to have the bugs switched around. There was one version that was pretty solid, but I forget which release it was, unfortunately. Photoshop CS3 runs just fine and the old CS was good, but slow.
    Have you tried using Microsoft Entourage for mail? I’d be using it myself if we didn’t have a Domino server here. I hope your IT people are a bit more optimistic when it comes to Macs than ours…

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