And she can sing

Sheryl CrowI always get a few “you filthy perv” emails when I post one of these photos of Kennett’s Favorite Daughter, Sheryl Crow. I promise, I’m motivated by nothing more than small-town-pride. And appreciation for the work it must take to keep a 45-year-old body looking this fine. (I’m getting close to perv, aren’t I?)

What can I say? Smart, talented women in control of their lives is a turn-on for me. Okay, it doesn’t hurt if they’re hot.

The cover is from the October issue of Shape. Previous posts on SC.

One thought on “And she can sing

  1. Hey Steve, I was wondering how long it was going to take you to find that one. Nice, but I’m not crazy about the photoshopping going on on that cover. Girl looks better without the computerized facelift.
    The article is nice and the ranch photos are gorgeous though.

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