All I need is one more ending

It’s the first day of anatomy class and the med students are being assigned cadavers. During the dissection process, one geeky but brilliant student discovers that his guy didn’t die from natural causes. He was, in fact, killed in a highly sophisticated manner that could only have been murder. The kind of high tech death that should have been undetectable.

We all know the next part. He takes his discovery to his professors, the cops, etc etc. Nobody listens.

The med student can’t find the dead guy’s name because the records have been erased. But his geeky-yet-adorable former girlfriend matches the face with images she finds online and discovers the guy was a blogger for the last ten or twelve years of his life.

The plot unfolds as our two protagonists dig back through the dead guy’s blog, looking for clues to who killed him and why.

Regular readers know this is as far as I get with my plots but, in a few days, Kay Henderson will come up with a thrilling conclusion.

If you can’t come up with a killer (snicker) ending, feel free to suggest a title.

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