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Roger walked into my office this morning, flipped open his MacBook Pro and showed me a little video he whipped up over the weekend using the new iMovie ’08. This might be the first video Roger has edited. He created a little iPhoto slideshow and saved that as a video… but this might be his first run at creating something we’d think of as a short movie.

And since he hadn’t messed with iMovie HD (the previous version), he didn’t feel a lot of the bumps that users have been wailing about, comparing ’08 with ’06.

I have to say, after watching this little movie (family ski trip), I’m gonna give iMovie ’08 a try. This is probably exactly what the Apple folks had in mind when they redesigned iMovie. This is not your dad’s home movie.

2 thoughts on “iMovie ’08

  1. Okay. I played with the new iMovie for a couple of hours tonight. And I might take another run at it. But it’s not likely to supplant iMovie HD as my primary tool.
    Had to convert avi files to mov before I could import to 08 version. I can just drag and drop to HD. And my beloved Casio shoots avi video.
    And if you have to do any real editing, 08 sucks. It’s fine if you are just putting one scene after another and tossing in some transitions… but if I want to edit a scene where someone is talking, I found 08 a dull tool, indeed.
    I think it (08) has it’s place but I’ll be sticking with 06 for now. This just might be one of those old-dog-new-trick things.

  2. Yep it sure works well I much prefer it to the old outdated way of doing movies in every other movie app I have seen..
    Maybe it doesnt have the high end stuff but it has everything i need to take stuff off my camera and get a movie like this together in 10th of the time that it took me with imovie HD

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