GPS dog collar

Garmin, a manufacturer of G.P.S. equipment, makes a tracking system that keeps tabs on dogs during walks in the countryside or in the dense ground cover of a hunting trip. It has two parts: a hand-held G.P.S. unit for the owner and another device that is mounted on the dog’s collar or harness.

If the dog bolts after a deer, the owner’s device will show where the dog is headed so the owner can follow and find it, even if miles away.

The Garmin dog tracker system, called Astro, costs $599, but the price may not be too steep for people who already have a deep emotional and financial investment in their dogs. Businesses that sell the Astro include Bass Pro Shops, Cabela’s, and []

Would I pay $600 to find Ripley or Lucy if they were lost. You bet. If they weren’t inside dogs, I’d have me a couple of these collars.

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