Google Web History

Remember James Keown? He’s the former Missouri radio guy charged with first-degree murder in the the death of his wife, Julie Keown. Authorities allege Keown poisoned his wife by spiking her Gatorade with antifreeze so he could collect on her $250,000 life insurance policy.

One of the witnesses in the recent evidentiary hearings was Andrew Winrow, a computer forensic investigator who testified that Internet searches recovered from at least one of James Keown’s computer hard drives revealed a search for The Anarchist Cookbook and ” homemade poisons” allegedly occurring on Aug. 17, 2004 and Aug. 18, 2004, less than a month before his wife’s death.

This story got me wondering what I’ve searched for and, as you might expect, Google makes has this info. Looks like I can go back about 90 days. I didn’t spot anything incriminating, but it’s an interesting snapshot of what I’ve been thinking about. I assume the NSA has this information as well.

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