Apple Numbers: Making spreadsheets fun

Apple recently released upgrades to their iLife suite (iMovie, iTunes, Garage Band, etc). They also released a new version of iWork (the Apple answer to MS Office). I don’t use iWork apps much but I like Keynote (think PowerPoint but fun and easy).

The new release of iWork includes –for the first time– a spreadsheet program called Numbers. I rarely use a spreadsheet and know almost nothing about Excel. But after watching a demo of Numbers (I subscribe to Don McAllister’s ScreenCastsOnline), I’m eager to take it for a spin.

I’ve read that Numbers wouldn’t meet the needs of heavy-duty business users and is more geared for the individual (me!). Looks like it has been optimized for presentations.

I only mention this because it illustrates –again– how Mac can make something as dry as spreadsheets… fun. And easy. Once I get it installed and play with it a bit, I’ll try to come up with a few examples.

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