Sony Handycam vs. Casio EX-S770

I’ve often wondered why my video doesn’t look as good as other clips I watch on YouTube. I chalked it up to equipment but learned this week that I have not been properly encoding my video before uploading to Google Video or YouTube. I’m hoping that will improve my stuff.

But today I decided to shoot a few minutes (3.5) with my Sony Handycam (DCR-TRV740) for comparison with the little Casio I’ve been using. I really expected to see a noticeable difference and while the sound was certainly better, I can’t say the video was that much improved.

It’s quite possible I still don’t have my video shit together in terms of encoding but I’ll eventually get that figured out. And I guess I’m pleased the the little pocket Casio stacks up so well against the larger Sony camcorder. All of which brings me back to my original fondness for the Casio: it fits in your pocket so it’s always with me.

But I’m going to make greater use of the Sony (with tripod and good mic). And if you know how to tweak video for YouTube, I’d love to talk.

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