Playing with George’s iPhone

"The iPhone will flop because it doesn’t work with corporate email." Yep, that’s a problem. For some folks, not for me. I don’t use Outlook outside of the office. If I want to check  my corporate email from home or on the road, I log in to our Exchange server from a web browser.

At tonight’s Mac user group, George logged me in from his iPhone and –while you can’t sync– you can check your corporate email from the iPhone. [Video runs 2 min]. This little snippet doesn’t capture the cool… I offer it here just to mess with Phil (head of Learfield IT).

As good as the (pro) Apple demo videos are, they do not capture the…experience. You gotta hold this thing in your hands. I don’t recommend that until you’re ready to buy.

One thought on “Playing with George’s iPhone

  1. Alright-already, keep it up and I’ll have Joel change your desktop background to a picture of the iPhone. I’m sure we can come up with a replacement for the Windows start-up sound too.
    If limited OWA access equals “support”, then the iPhone along with every other browser equipped computer/device (phone, toaster, refrigerator, car, etc.) is supported. As of today however, it doesn’t function anything like your Blackberry or Windows Mobile Phone, so if that’s your expectation, you’ll be disappointed.
    Seriously though – I think the iPhone is pretty cool. We’ll see who breaks down first, you or me. Loser buys pizza.

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