Newspapers beat TV at local video

Lost Remote points us to the latest blog entry from Bill Adee, the associate managing editor for innovation at the Chicago Tribune who wants the paper to be “the main online source of video for Chicagoland users.” And to get there, he says the Tribune has 31 staff photographers with video cameras, and the multimedia team has video cameras.

Again from Lost Remote’s Michael Gay: "Let’s be conservative and say that’s 40 video cameras shooting video around Chicago. After working in Chicago, I can tell you with certainty that there is no TV station with that many cameras out on the streets."

Why would any reporter (TV, print, radio) hit the street without a digital camera (and the knowledge to use it)?

One thought on “Newspapers beat TV at local video

  1. Another fascinating but altogether predictable aspect of the ongoing technological convergence. Why indeed would anybody whose job it is to gather information about current events not want to have a device on his person at all times capable of recording audio, video, still images, and transmitting it all live to a source that can put it on the web within minutes?
    Perhaps because he’s just not a “phone guy”.

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