iPhone Confessions: 30 Day Update

In a day or two it will have been 30 days since the iPhone went on sale (CNN reports sales have been disappointing). I popped off an email to Tom Piper, George Kopp and Dave Morris to see if they were still as pleased with their iPhones as they (Tom, George, Dave) were when they first got them. I haven’t heard back from Dave yet, but Tom and George filed reports… after the jump.

Top Piper

  • I initially found it to be a little heavier and bulkier than my trim Razr . . . now, I’m very accustomed to it, and enjoy its rounded balanced feeling.
  • Didn’t know at first that I could no longer Bluetooth onto the Internet through my phone from my laptop . . . the feature has been turned off on the iPhone.
  • Had not previously thought of my phone as anything but a tool . . . now my iPhone has become my calling/messaging/entertaining/guiding companion which I have affectionately name ilene (a pseudonym for “I lean” to communicate my reliance) . . . never thought to personalize my phone or Palm like this before.
  • I remain happy with it partly because I’ve been able to condense many devises (phone, pda, gps, calculator, laptop) into one highly-portable unit for my immediate needs, knowing that I have more sophisticated backups when needed.
  • My requests for the next software update have become more detailed such as WI-FI syncing and file access with my computer, third-party widgets, home screen flexibility, Bluetooth headset drivers, Internet linkage for my laptop, optional attachment downloading for email, copy-and-paste ability, “push” technology for dot.Mac (like Yahoo), MP4 movie-taking ability, iPod attachments compatibility, and a growing wish list of other functionality.
  • All in all, it would be hard to go back to a limited-function phone . . . and the anticipation of new features in the next upgrade keep the excitement in the device . . . maybe Ilene should have been called an iAIOD (integrated All-In-One Device) . . . should we have a naming contest?

George Kopp

“I am still quite pleased with the iPhone.  I must say that I have been able to work around many of the early concerns I had and am amazed by it every day. I am still looking for the right bluetooth headset.  All the ones I have tried work fine but I just need something that is comfortable to wear and very loud.

I anxiously await the first update to see what goodies Apple provides. I have great hopes for enhancements to the Notes application to allow syncing notes and the addition of flash to safari.  I can only hope these are near the first.

Mail on the phone is great except for when I get a large attachment. If I am on WiFi, it is no problem but if I am on edge, it takes forever trying to download the attachment and mails performance suffers.

Even with that… would I purchase it again…. in a heartbeat!”

Dave Morris

“I’m still elated. I feel the phone has delivered what it promised. Considering the capabilities of other PDAs as they relate to my needs, it’s been perfect.

Frustrations include occasional Safari crashes, the inability to display flash sites, Apple’s reticence to allow outside developers access to design applications for the machine. I can’t play music through my car stereo with the same cable as my iPod, which is a bit frustrating. I’d like to see it be a little more customizable, with ring tones, email (I’d like to set each account to get mail at a different interval, not at all, or on demand) etc. I miss the IR capability of my old PDA (exchanging personal info with friends, “beaming” pictures, etc) and honestly, I’m a little miffed that there is already talk of new units with 3G and better battery life. If Apple expects to retain its reputation for customer support, it had better spend time working on making the current crop of iPhones better before it starts talking about a new version.

But that’s technology, ya know? Buy a computer and in 60 days it’s outdated and upstaged by something bigger/better.

Because of the limited storage capacity (I have a 4 gig machine but even 8 gigs isn’t enough) the unit will not replace my iPod, but it has replaced my cell phone and PDA adequately… on a scale of 1-10, I still give it an 8.”

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