Gobler Mercantile Company

Gobler Mercantile CompanyMy make-over of “KBOA: The Early Years” is far from complete. But I had to share a snippet from one of the pages. A Tribute to a Country Store was written (and self-published) by Virginia B. Branch. It’s probably the only history of this small country store that got big. Not Wal-Mart big but something of a phenomenon where I grew up. Here’s the paragraph that caught my eye:

“About 1952 television had come to Gobler and each night, out back on the porch of the furniture department, one of these new inventions was displayed for benefit of the general public. It was here that most of Gobler’s citizens saw their first TV. A good-sized crowd was on hand every night. There was only one channel at the time so no disagreements could arise as to program choices.”

And now it’s Tivo, iPods, AppleTV and all the rest. From one channel… to thousands.

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  1. I have been unsuccessful in trying to locate a copy of this book. Does anyone know where I can obtain information on how to get one? I have tried internet searches, etc. So it will most likely need to be from an individual in that area.

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