iPhone Line: 10:00 a.m.

I stopped by the Jefferson City (MO) AT&T store to see if anyone was waiting in line for the new iPhone. James Whitehead was first in line. He says he’s been on-site since Wednesday but was staying in his truck until this morning. James –from Lake Ozark, Missouri– describes himself as a “technology whore,” and is buying the iPhone mostly for the cool factor. He’s not even a Mac user (yet).

There were four hardy (geeky) souls in line and I left them my umbrella since it looks like it could pour at any moment. I’ll post some more video this evening, once James has his prize.

5 thoughts on “iPhone Line: 10:00 a.m.

  1. >>>photo stolen from gizmodo.com. You could at least credit them.<<< Someone calling themselves "The Watching Eye" accuses smays of stealing a photo from gizmodo. What Mr. Eye doesn't know is that the staff of the Jeff City AT&T store took some photos and submitted them to gizmodo. The photos posted here and in my flickr set were taken with my own little Casio camera. I haven't seen the gizmodo pix. So. Will Mr. Eye have enough class to apologize? Stay tuned.

  2. smays has no plans to buy an iPhone. He’s just not a mobile phone guy. But he DOES love cool new gadgets. If I could buy this baby just as a wifi devise and skip the cell phone part of it… I might jump. But, frankly, I’m much more excited about Leopard in October.

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