23 Year Pin

My first official day at Learfield Communications was June 4, 1984. I’ve posted on enough anniversaries that I don’t have anything fresh to add, but didn’t want the day to slip by without note.

Learfield PinA surprising number of people who were there on my first day are still with the company: Clyde, Roger, Charlie, Bob Priddy, Derry (no longer technically part of Learfield but always in my head and my heart), Greg, Clarice, Joyce… who am I missing?

The company has grown so rapidly in recent years, it bears little resemblance to the company I started with. But that is as it should be. Like that old Saturday Night Live bit… “Learfield has been berry, berry good to me.”

2 thoughts on “23 Year Pin

  1. OMG!! I can’t believe this. I messing around on the net throw some names out there and whammy!! Steve Mays!!! WOW.
    Don’t know if you remember me but I worked at KZMO for a couple year and moved over to Learfield for about two years. Greg was my bossed, nice guy but hated working for him, Roger, Clyde, Charlie, Ann, Lisa Wolf or I’m sure names are running out.
    After Leafield I was in the movie industry for 10 years during Marketing and Advertising with the theatres and the studios out here in Los Angeles. What a run! Now my wife and I own our own business and out of the corporate world all together.
    I can’t believe it. Just thought I would drop a note. I learned a lot from you and looked up to you while at Learfield. Gosh, I was so young and dumb at 27 or whatever.
    Scott Remmers

  2. It seems you were there earlier, but I suppose that’s about right. I guess the first time I met you, I worked for Ray Rouse in California. We talked prior to that, but I remember meeting you at the 1-year anniversary of KZMO. Wow, that was a long time ago…

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