Yes, I do have something to share with the class

I am a Google Fan Boy. I can’t help it. I love most of the Google services I’ve tried. And I keep discovering new ones. The "Share" feature in Google Reader is not new, but I just got around to playing with it and I love it.

I frequently come across a story that I’d like to share. I’ll sometime email it to friends and –if I have the time– post on it here. But there are times when I just want to point you to the story and have nothing to add. With one click in my Google Reader, I can add the story to a public page ("Steve’s Shared Items"). The five most recently "shared" stories also appear in the sidebar here at

This simple tool extends my role of "who asked you?" editor/aggregator. While I cannot post on everything I find interesting, Google Reader has made it easy to share.

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