The Basement Diaries back online

I still have several hours of work to resurrect The Basement Diaries, but have the site back online. It has been something of a nostalgic deep dive in that I created the site in 1998 (almost ten years ago) about events that took place in 1968 (almost 40 years ago).

Most of the work involved rescanning images. We had really crappy cameras in those days and I did little to optimize the scanned images back in ’98. So I rescanned about 100 photos, but this time I parked them on flickr. I still have a good bit of caption’ing and tagging to do. Basement Diaries alums might enjoy the slideshow of our Halloween party pix.

This rehab has moved me a little closer to my goal of 1,000 images on flickr. A target I’l easily reach when I get around to

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