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The Missouri Lottery is blogging. According to the release, you can "ask questions about games and promotions, watch videos from the new Reel Lottery video series, get updates on Lottery winners, and read posts from Lottery employees and players."

Chief Blogger in Residence is John Wells. He’s been with the Missouri Lottery for some time as Videographer/Satellite Coordinator. John has been wading in the blog pond since October of 2005 and has managed to turn it into his day job. Good for him. From time to time, John does part-time work for The Missourinet (a Learfield company).

The lottery should have been blogging years ago, but for many (most? all?) state entities, the blogosphere is a mysterious and scary place. I have to believe that John lobbied long and hard to help make this happen. On the other hand, it’s getting harder and harder to ignore the Power of the Blog. Good luck, John.

One thought on “Missouri Lottery blogging

  1. Thanks dude. Sometimes we have to be dragged kicking and screaming into what we know is the right thing to do. The Lottery recognizes this is an important part of our relationship with players. I’m just glad to be a part of this new venture and hope I can help the team to keep bringing home victories for the citizens of Missouri.

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