Google reaches out

Google ReaderOkay, make of this what you will. A few days ago I posted a couple of lines about having a problem with the “Share” feature in Google Reader. I did not report the problem to Google. But within about 24 hours, I received the following email:

“Hi Steve, if you send me your email address I’d be happy to take a look at your account to see what’s going on.

Justin Haugh
Google Reader Engineer”

Justin subscribes to a search feed for “google reader” at, saw my post, and reached out to see if he could help. (The issue had already resolved itself.)

Think about it. There must be a bazillion people using Google Reader. I didn’t ask for help, but someone at Google took watch for users needing help and take time to offer. Does your company go that far? Does mine? Do the Google Fan Boy T-shirts come in medium?

3 thoughts on “Google reaches out

  1. “Paranoia strikes deep
    Into your life it will creep
    It starts when you’re always afraid”
    Relax, guys. I monitor what people are blogging about our company, too. And if someone is unhappy… I’ll reach out to them.

  2. Wow, that’s really cool, and just a little freaky. I can’t shake this feeling that somebody’s watching me…

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