Google Audio: About Your Ad form

In another lifetime I wrote radio “spots.” A lot of ’em. So please feel free to skip this “shop talk” post.

TechCrunch is getting reports from advertisers that Google Audio Ads have been added as an option to their Adwords accounts. Interesting to see the data collected  with the “About Your Ad” form (Goal of ad; target customer; key messages; call to action; etc.).

And this from the comments on the post: “I’ve been using Audio Ads for months now. I like how you can listen to the actual snippet of your ad being played on the station. I don’t like how you can’t choose a specific radio station, only the type of format and DMA.”

Wonder how they’re getting the mini-air check? I can see how advertisers would love that.

Bonus link: “Analysts Peek Into Google’s Pitch to Radio” (Radio World)

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