Like Steve McQueen, All I need’s a fast machine

Sheryl's ShirtI posted a short video clip last month of some of Sheryl Crow’s clothing and costumes which she donates to raise money for a childrens home in Kennett, Missouri.

What I did’nt mention (for fear of ruining the surprise) was the item I discovered hanging on a rack in a back room: a slinky top (T-shirt?) Ms. Crow wore in the Steve McQueen video. I thought that would be a cool gift for my pen-pal and Sheryl Crow uberfan, Ann.

I liberated the shirt with a donation and sent it off to Ann, who lives in Belgium. After a month held hostage in Belgian customs (the shirt, not Ann), Ann has the shirt and promises a photo.

One thought on “Like Steve McQueen, All I need’s a fast machine

  1. Thank you Steve for the gorgeous Sheryl Crow top. I would not call myself an überfan, but I do think she’s a great performer and a great human being. And I LOVE the top! Yep, Belgian Customs took my goodies hostage, and it took some doing to free them. If they’d taken *me* hostage the situation would not have dragged on so long, wink wink.
    You’d think they have better things to do, like find illegal stuff like tropical animals or dope. But no. A t-shirt.
    Photo will follow for sure.

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