Lost Tribesmen of Webonia

While doing a little blogging training with a client this week, I mentioned YouTube. “What’s that?” she asked. I asked a few more (gentle) questions to be certain but she clearly had never heard of YouTube. I have enough moments like this to no longer be completely surprised by such moments. The woman explained she doesn’t watch TV or read a newspaper.

She’s probably a mom who works hard with little or no time for popular culture. Maybe she has a flower garden and is active in her church.

But I meet enough people like her that I’ve started thinking of them as The Lost Tribesmen of Webonia. Totally isolated and cut off from New Media trends (YouTube, blogs, podcasting, etc.). Just as there are tribes deep in the Amazon who have never seen a flashlight or a flush toilet.

No, that’s wrong. It would be like discovering that tribe in the middle of Central Park.

And while I’m stereotyping… let’s talk about the Urban Amish. They know what the Internet is (AOL or the Earthlink Home Page) but don’t much care and limit their use to a little email and checking to see what’s showing at the local Cinaplex.

I vow to be more patient, but I fear the Lost Tribesmen are beyond help and the Urban Amish don’t want any.

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