Email Dumb Storm

I love Reply AllEarlier this month I ranted about the mindless, clueless use of the REPLY ALL button. We’re currently experiencing one of these Dumb Storms. The following exchange has been shared with 80+ people in our office. (Yes, I do understand that some of the recipients find this witty exchange delightful.) I’m posting in reverse order to make this (on-going) thread easier to read.

This is the work email equivalent of Open Mic Night at the Comedy Club. And you’re chained to your chair.

“Word has already been passed back to Learfield from I-70 that the troopers are out in full force, so be careful and watch out”

“Watch out now… my son is a trooper

“We love your son, but would like to interact with him in a more informal manner.”

“I really think it would be a great idea if police officers were put to work protecting people from murder, rape, and other vicious attacks … instead of being used by the state, counties, cities, and towns as men and women in uniform who main duty is to generate revenue. I’d wager they would probably prefer to be fighting crime than ticketing someone who has the audacity to drive at 65 MPH in a 60 MPH zone on I-70 in St. Louis County. How dare anyone drive at such an “unreasonable” speed on what is, at that point in the highway, an 8-late thoroughfare!”

“Thank your son for performing his duty. Many people have died at the hands of wreckless drivers who thought they were doing nothing wrong until it was too late.”

“I second that!!”

“Me thinks (name) is a bit cranky.”

“Maybe he got a ticket on the way to work???

“Well if he did, at least it wasn’t me this time!!