Blue Man Group

Blue Man GroupI was expecting something else. A novelty act. Three guys (there can’t be only three of them) with a gimmick that was getting a bit long of tooth. What I got was the best live performance I have ever seen. (You’re right. I don’t go to a lot of live performances, so my “best” is suspect).

I wasn’t going to post on this because this puny blog can’t begin to capture the event. It was, as they say at, “above our poor power to add or detract.” So let me just offer a few superlatives, in no particular order. The performance (Mizzou Arena) by Blue Man Group was digital, interactive, smart, hip, techno, musical, percussive, clever, tight, wired and…fun.

I grabbed a few video clips and might add them but not even IMAX could capture the PVC-pounding vibe of the live performance. Like they say, you had to be there. I’m glad I was.

Update: Audio on my video sucked but there are lots at YouTube.

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  1. I had the opportunity to see Blue Man Group at Riverport a few years ago. I’ve seen about 500 concerts in my years in radio, from backstage, front row, back row, lawn… all perspectives. BMG was the best, most amazing live performance I’ve ever experienced. Prior, Garth Brooks was the best… and it’s a close call, but even he would tip his cowboy hat to the men in blue.

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