Blog seeds

I love helping/encouraging a new blogger. I never accept any compensation. My reward is –sometimes– helping create a great new blog. I could bore you to tears on what I think qualifies, but I won’t.

Okay, maybe I will. A good blog is: personal, informative, timely, passionate, focused… and, yes, I do have an example in mind. Following excerpt is from yesterday post on Your Pet’s Best Friend:

“When we welcome a new client to our practice, part of the process is a questionnaire about their pet’s health history and environment. The last question is: “Do you consider your pet to be a member of the family?” and most people answer “Yes”. The human-animal bond is very strong. It’s very common for people to say that the pet is like a child to them. Cat-lovers often say that the cat owns them, rather than the other way around. Certainly many (most?) of us consider our pets as companions, as opposed to property. Thus it would seem that referring to ourselves as the “guardians” of our pets is just a nice way of saying how we really feel. [Trade Secret: the real key question is “Where does your pet sleep?”]”

If you come across what you believe is a better vet blog, send me the link.

I am equally (and undeservedly) proud of a number of other blogs on which I might have had some influence. I won’t mention them here because I fear the bloggers might find my pride unfounded and call me out.

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