WSJ’s Walt Mossberg reviews Apple TV

I confess I placed my order the the Apple TV without fully understanding exactly what it will do. It should reach my door by this weekend and once George helps me get it working, I’ll give you a report. But Walt Mossberg has been test driving an Apple TV for the past ten days:

“Our verdict is that it’s a beautifully designed, easy-to-use product that should be very attractive to people with widescreen TV sets and lots of music, videos, and photos stored on computers. It has some notable limitations, but we really liked it. It is classic Apple: simple and elegant.”

I should point out that the Apple TV works with PC’s as well as Mac’s. Mossberg’s review (watch the 6 min video) clearly explains what the device is and what it isn’t.

One thought on “WSJ’s Walt Mossberg reviews Apple TV

  1. Steve,
    Mossberg is great on the latest and greatest, but…
    He reviewed the “Go-Video” device for converting VHS to DVD and I bought one on the strength of his review. The thing worked great until it crapped out after four months. Google it and you find that everybody who bought one had the same experience and got ZERO support from the manufacturer. I hope you have better luck with your new gizmo. On the other hand I-pods are notorious for disintegrating.
    Good luck,

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