Write for your audience

KATGI’m a big fan of the Keith and the Girl podcast. If you have never listened you can skip this post because it probably won’t make any sense. Keith is a sort-of stand-up comic who shoots the shit with his girlfriend, Chemda, for an hour every day. Explicit content. Not for sissies. I love the show.

I finally got around to visiting the “Support” page on their website and discovered some very effective ad copy. For example:

“Blockbuster gives you sissy cuts of movies and claims you didn’t return your film. Netflix gives you the dirtiest version available and gives you the benefit of the doubt. Blockbuster doesn’t believe the holocaust happened. Netflix has all the holocaust movies. Netflix has never let us down. Blockbuster raped my grandmother. (You can rent those tapes through Netflix.)”

I would be very surprised if Keith did not write this copy. Clearly his style. This copy is effective because it is –in the context of their podcast– real. This is the way Keith and Chemda talk. This is what their listeners expect from them. Attitude.

I’m not sure some ad agency wonk could write this. And if they tried, it somehow would not sound legit. And I’ll bet you a hot oil back rub that Keith and Chemda insist on writing the copy. They get that Madison Avenue bullshit would not work on their site.

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